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What a fab testimonial!

A recent graduate from my 8 week PR course called the 7 Secrets On How To Get Into The Press said this:

STOP PRESS ………Amanda Ruiz will help you get their attention!

Amanda Ruiz is the Mary Poppins of PR; she makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way!

Have you got your #PRDAR hat on? Your ducks in order? Your bag of golden nuggets and your PR Toolkit ready to go? If not, then this is the course for you…..

I came to Amanda’s course as part of my business strategy to master how to secure press attention for my first client, West End Singer Robert Meadmore. I have a long way to go to master all of Amanda’s techniques, but I have learned so much and have had so much fun and excitement in the Q & A sessions.

Amanda is full of surprise ideas to get press attention ; she suggested that I take my client to stand in the crowd outside St Mary’s hospital, the Friday afternoon before the Royal Princess Charlotte was born. Amanda suggested Robert be all dressed in a suit , tie & shiny shoes, carry a bunch of red roses and to sing to her ; Opera , Ballads and British songs. The World’s Press were awaiting the royal birth, with nothing to photograph but some ducks walking past! Robert could have been all over the news and Amanda even suggested the caption; # ATenorforABaby …… the timing was immaculate, but Robert wouldn’t do it, for fear of seeming to be eccentric and desperate!

I actually had some success of my own (with Amanda’s prompting). I wrote to Gaby Roslin’s Radio Show and managed to get Robert on the Radio, the Sunday before his LOVE SONGS SHOW went onstage at Crazy Coqs, Piccadilly.

Lisa at BBC
I have been so focused on this course , enlightened and enjoyed every minute of it.
Really sad it’s over now and I have to put everything I have learned into practise!
Thank you Daz and Jon for your tekkie input , but most of all thank you Amanda.


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