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Are you an expert in your field?

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Do you get annoyed at constantly seeing lots of other ‘experts’ in your field dishing out their advice and you are shouting at the television or radio or that magazine saying “That’s not right! I know the right reply to that question!”

Well if that is you, is it time you stepped up and put yourself out there?

Here are my 5 tips on how to be seen as the go-to expert in your field:

  1. Start to write a list of the publications (online and offline) and news outlets of where your ideal client ‘hangs out’. If you are struggling to work this out, you can ask up to 10 past and present clients which newspapers, magazines. blogs etc they watch, read and listen to. You may find a common thread there.

I asked this question in my FB group, PR Secrets and do you know, quite a few people read the local parish magazine!!! Going local is always a brilliant place to start, and you could even ask if you could write a monthly column or a 6 part series for the local magazine.

The editor may be really pleased to have such an esteemed expert in the village!

  1. Once you have a good list of outlets where your ideal client hangs out, my next piece of advice is to go to the magazine aisles in the supermarket and photograph what you see. I love doing this – I find it a mouthwatering experience. It is so inspirational to pick up the target magazines and to leaf through them and to imagine that one day soon you may feature in one.

So pick out your two ‘dream publications’ (and obviously the ones most frequently mentioned by your clients that they read), buy them and get to know them inside out. You may want to do this for a month or two so that you can get used to the layout and the journalists writing the pieces.

If it’s not magazines or printed matter but radio or TV…do the same – tune in and listen for a good few weeks or months so you get used to the format and you will be ‘visioning’ where you will fit in.


  1. Prepare your press kit or bio. I have just completed mine and you can check it out here. The minute you have your bio prepared then you can go in and approach your dream targets.

I recommend keeping your bio (or press kit) to one page as people are so busy and may not click down to the next page, so try to keep all the essential info short and sweet.

Ideas on what you should include in your bio if you are positioning yourself as an expert:

  • any awards you may have won
  • a good head and shoulders shot (mine was done by the lovely Dianna Bonner)
  • topics or key notes you talk on
  • affiliations you are connected with
  • testimonials
  • press logos
  • you can even mention if you wish, your social reach eg Twitter followers 20,000, Instagram: 35,000 etc. This will give reassurance that you already have a great tribe with whom you could share details about the forthcoming appearance – everyone wants more eyeballs even the press for their readership / listening figures and this could help out when pitching!
  1. So the next step when you have your sexy bio all ready for the sending, go back to those magazines / radio shows and refresh your memory about why you should appear there and in which section. Once you are fully prepared and have been stalking the dream journo contact for a few weeks (this involves liking or sharing their instafeed/tweets etc) do your approach.
  1. Doing the JournoApproach: see on Twitter what the journo is writing about that week and compliment their work (be sure to check that when you do pitch, they are not on holiday as this will be a wasted opportunity) and say: Expert available for comment on travel / small business / (whatever your expertise is) See my press kit here: (add your link).

I did this the other day and a BBC journalist liked my tweet so I thanked him and will now keep him on my radar.

You can do it too! Good luck and go for it!

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