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31 ideas self-promotional ideas that you can implement each day

 31 day promotional calendar

When I started my first business back in 2008 a business friend said to me that it was important to do at least one promotional activity every single day. I took this rather to the extreme and became hell bent on making sure I approached a journalist every day. The great news is that it worked! I got featured in many of the national newspapers and glossies relevant to my target audience.

If I hadn’t done something promotional in a day I would feel bad and think the world would end – rather like runners who need to go for their daily run….Well that was me being the green start up entrepreneur, but creating that habit of doing at least one promotional activity each day was a really good training ground and now it’s built in.

As a result of doing activities to get me out there I have created some amazing contacts – many via Twitter and Facebook which have turned into fantastic opportunities such as being invited to be the Entrepreneur Correspondent for Radio Gorgeous, being invited to speak at events, becoming a Joint Venture partner with some key contacts, being featured in leading publications, the list goes on.

I have created a list below so that you can pick and choose what you will do each day. The key thing however is to rise to the challenge and to take action DAILY as you never know what amazing contacts or opportunities are around the corner.

Now you may be thinking that self-promotion is all about being pushy – as you will see from the list below, that many of the suggestions are actually about helping people out. So set yourself the challenge and enjoy the compound effect of creating a really good business habit and reap the benefits in a few months’ time!

You can download the template of the calendar at so you can fill in the boxes and have a real sense of satisfaction!

  1. Help your dream journalist(s) out. You may see a post or an article they have written and may have a contact they’d like to be introduced to…


  1. Ask a client to recommend you to a friend


  1. Check your social media profiles are all consistent and ‘on-brand’ and ‘on-message’


  1. Ask your client why they used your services, then tweet their reply!


  1. Change up your email signature to promote your latest product offering (include a live link)


  1. Request a testimonial (video ideally) for use on your website and social media


  1. Tweet out your USP along with your hashtag and an image Eg My clients call me the Ultimate Door Opener! I love a challenge to help people get into the press! Get #VISIBLE


  1. Write your weekly newsletter


  1. Find out what is your PR Appeal and tell your followers what it is. Eg I used to play Lacrosse for England U21s, that explains my go-getter attitude!


  1. Research 3 of your dream journalists, follow them and help them out (again)


  1. Book up to go to a networking event. Make sure you can ‘Nail it in 8’ before you go – ie your short sharp elevator pitch that piques…Eg I train entrepreneurs how to secure press coverage


  1. Do a Google search on what you think people search up when looking for your services, then see all the different permutations and write them down. Now see how you can change up some of your marketing  messages


  1. Find your press hook, write a press release, get a business friend to check it over. Email it to your ‘dream’ journalist(s)


  1. Follow up the press release


  1. Do a Facebook Live (see my examples in my Facebook group: PR Secrets)


  1. Help out the dream journalists


  1. Using your newly found keywords, record a 60 – 90 second educational / tip filled video and up load to YouTube eg: ‘How to get into the press’


  1. Draw up a list of potential Joint Venure partners, speak to at least 5 of them over 5 days. Some great feedback /ideas will come out of it


  1. Apply to some industry awards – they may be local or national or even international!


  1. Call up a past client and check in to see how they are doing


  1. Publish a post on LinkedIn


  1. Write your blog post and share it out


  1. Apply to speak at an event


  1. Keep active in the Facebook groups you are a member in. You never know when the other members may be needing your services…


  1. Create a freebie giveaway for your clients and promote it via your blog / website (as a pop up box) Twitter, Facebook etc


  1. Approach a blog / online publication that you would love to contribute to. Make sure you follow their instructions on how to submit and make sure you know the publication inside out before you pitch


  1. It’s not all about online – which are the bricks and mortar business that you could tie in with? Research who they have collaborated with in the past and see how that inspires you to approach them


  1. Make use of Twitter lists


  1. Who are the big influencers in your industry? Don’t be shy about approaching them with a helpful tweet or email. Slowly slowly you will get onto their radar


  1. Have you followed up from the networking event you attended this month? Make sure you are proactive and organise coffee or a Skype catch up


  1. Book to go to an important industry event. When you are there, be sure to sit at the front and to have a short chat with the key speakers. Get onto their radar


Now rinse and return! Good luck and let me know how you get on!

Download the 31 Day Promotional Calendar at:

Amanda Ruiz, The Ultimate Door Opener