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Amanda FitzGerald PR is unique blend of PR Agency with PR Academy giving you the very best of both worlds.

Entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, mentors, experts and change-makers, are you ready to raise your profile so that you can be seen EVERYWHERE? 

Stop being the world’s best kept secret and start to play big on a big stage via the power of PR as you attract new client enquiries through your media mentions.

Amanda FitzGerald is an award-winning PR expert who is passionate about mentoring her clients to secure game-changing press coverage.

Her team are highly skilled PR agency professionals who love seeking out stellar media opportunities.

I help experts and entrepreneurs like you to get incredible visibility through the power of PR

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About Amanda FitzGerald

Known as The Ultimate Door Opener, Amanda FitzGerald is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs with the confidence and know-how on securing game-changing press coverage.

Tenacious and 100% dedicated to getting her clients in the press, Amanda is your PR expert (her latest tagline is: PR Expert by day, wild swimmer by dawn!)

You’re a leader in your field. The trouble is, experts need to be visible in order to grow their business.

Where do you find the time to do PR and what you love? If you want to be the best-kept secret… Then walk away right now.

However, if you want to bring media attention to your business and become the go-to person for your industry then you need to book a call with Amanda.

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Post Break Up Glow Up

Post Break Up Glow Up

On Sunday I was thrilled to be featured in Fabulous magazine in an article talking about how I have had a post break up glow up! I went to the photo shoot back in September so it has been really hard to not be able to talk about it! How and why did I get the...

Do you do at least one promotional activity per day?

Do you do at least one promotional activity per day?

When I started my first business back in 2008 a business friend said to me that it is important to do at least one promotional activity every single day. I took this rather to the extreme and became hell bent on making sure I approached a journalist every single day....

How well do you know your ideal client?

How well do you know your ideal client?

I have a question for you to consider...Do you REALLY know your ideal client?​Take a minute and think of something you think everybody likes, holidays? Time off work? Chocolate? BUT strange as it may seem not everyone likes them.People are different, we all...

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