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NEWSFLASH! You DON’T need to hire a PR agency! Upskill your team and do it in-house.

Amanda FitzGerald PR is unique blend of PR Agency with PR + Visibility Academy giving you the very best of both worlds.


Aspiring Thought-Leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing and comms managers, coaches, authors, mentors, experts and change-makers, are you ready to raise your brand’s profile so that you can be seen EVERYWHERE? 

Stop being the world’s best kept secret and start to play big on a big stage via the power of PR as you attract new client enquiries through your massive media mentions.

Amanda FitzGerald is an award-winning PR expert who is passionate about mentoring her clients to secure game-changing press coverage.



To take your brand from Best Kept Secret to Seen EVERYWHERE so that you attract many more clients using the Power of PR.

Clients have featured in:

“Being in control of your own PR vision, message with the tools to implement is far better than hiring an agency in my view”.

Alexandra Wood, Savile Row’s First Female tailor. Bespoke Menswear Tailoring

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About Amanda FitzGerald PR 

Known as The Ultimate Door Opener, Amanda FitzGerald is passionate about empowering leaders, authors, marketing and comms managers, entrepreneurs and coaches with the confidence and know-how on securing game-changing press coverage.

Tenacious and 100% dedicated to getting her clients in the press, Amanda is your PR expert (her latest tagline is: PR Expert by day, wild swimmer by dawn!)

You’re a leader in your field. The trouble is, experts need to be visible in order to grow their business.

Where do you find the time to do PR and what you love? If you want to be the best-kept secret… Then walk away right now.

However, if you want to bring media attention to your business and become the go-to person for your industry then you need to book a call with Amanda.

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Working with Amanda yielded a bounty of articles and quotes in national press and industry specific press

Prior to working with Amanda FitzGerald PR, we had secured little press coverage on our role within the accreditation and certification industries, and the importance of raising quality standards in education.

Working with Amanda yielded a bounty of articles and quotes in both national press – including the BBC, The Guardian and The Times – as well as industry specific press such as Be Your Own and Training Journal. This has since had a great impact on our reputation and standing as a world leading accreditation service.

Amanda Rosewarne

CEO & Co-Founder, 
The CPD Standards Office

I received over 25 press mentions including Forbes, Metro, Forbes Women and a column in Square Mile Magazine

Amanda empowers you to go after the PR you want to achieve. There are no limits when it comes to working with her.  I’ve managed to gain both full articles and mentions in Forbes, Metro, Forbes Women along with a number of smaller publications and blogs with the biggest accolade being a column in Square Mile Magazine. Overall I received over 25 press mentions in April, directly after Covid hit and all other PR’s were saying that it’s not the best time.

She does something very unique which is to have you speak directly with journalists who are at the top of their game. Amanda’s programme is far superior to what I had even imagined. PR agencies can offer a lot of hype with what they can do for you, whereas Amanda was clearly driven and passionate but without any fluff and she over delivered.

Amanda’s passion and encouragement is relentless in the best possible way. She drives you to be your best and to go for the best. Being in control of your own PR vision, message with the tools to implement is far better than hiring an agency in my view. I’m now working with Amanda on a new luxury project. She’s the only person I would trust!

Alexandra Wood

Savile Row’s First Female tailor
Bespoke Menswear Tailoring

We smashed our sales targets by 300%!

Working with Amanda these past six months has been hugely beneficial, not only for our business, but on a personal level as well.

Amanda teaches how to; catch a journalist’s attention; present self and product successfully to the press face to face; write punchy press releases; find where the journalists hang out; implement PR into workflow.

The business has grown as a result of working with Amanda, giving PhoneHug® exposure to a number of blogs, competitions, publications print and online, along with smashing our sales targets by 300%!

In addition to this, networking within the VIP group is undeniably valuable for collaborations, learning and personal growth.

It is clear PR is a necessity for any business and so is Amanda FitzGerald.

Sam Fairbrother

Inventor and Product Creator,