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About Amanda FitzGerald

Known as The Ultimate Door opener, Amanda FitzGerald is the PR person other PR people want to be when they grow up.

Tenacious and 100% dedicated to getting her clients in the press, Amanda Ruiz is your PR expert.

You’re a leader in your field. The trouble is, experts need to be visible in order to grow their business.

Where do you find the time to do PR and what you love? If you want to be the best-kept secret… Then walk away right now.

However, if you want to bring media attention to your business and become the go-to person for your industry then you need to book a call with Amanda.

Latest from the Blog

The Phoenix is risen

The Phoenix is risen

How my journey from stuck to soaring is going to help you go from expert to thought leader……and all because I’m the Phoenix flying solo and soaring high!Long post warning: this is a life confessional so bear with and come with me on my journey as I dust myself off and...

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Yes I can!

Yes I can!

You CAN do it. You’ve set up your business, spent blood, sweat and tears to create a beautiful website, product offering, lead magnets, the works but you lack something that you used to have in bucket loads when you worked for your boss… And one thing is for sure,...

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My mission

My mission

MY MISSION...Here is my mission in running my business. It's to help you:· Get highly VISIBLE· Earn credibility in your industry· Get more clients fast· Build your reputation· Access your dream influencers· Peek inside my Little Black Book· Share your message with...

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The ONE thing you must do when you’ve got publicity

The ONE thing you must do when you’ve got publicity

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great festive period and are easing gently into January. Are you thinking about which media outlets to approach this year in order to secure some awesome publicity for your brand so that new customers can find you?I often get asked...

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